Month: June 2011

The Racing Feeling On Your Wrist Tasting Hublot Big Bang Ferrari 90th Anniversary Watch

Hublot has always been good at using unique watchmaking materials to create wrist timepieces with unique aesthetics, setting a milestone in the watchmaking world. At Baselworld this year, Hublot brought us a different visual experience. Hublot and the Ferrari Design Center collaborated on the design of the new Ferrari 90th Anniversary Limited Edition watch, which continues to adhere to the concept of ‘integrated art’ and will show the pursuit of materials on the new models. This time there are three limited edition watches. On these three watches, they show the deep history of the Ferrari team and Hublot’s outstanding level of watchmaking technology. Let’s take a look at one of the Ferrari 90th Anniversary watches together. (Watch model: 402.JQ.0123.NR)

  The watch we admire uses exquisite sapphire on the case, a material that has been used many times in previous Hublot models. The extremely difficult to shape sapphire gives the watch a strong futuristic style. The exploration of materials is an important aspect of the joint commitment of Hublot and Ferrari, which has made this year’s brand new models.

Watch real shot

  This model is 45 mm in diameter. Hublot will use a transparent sapphire material to create the case. The bezel is made of ceramic carbon fiber. This material is the material of the brake kit used by Ferrari in Formula 1. The models made of two different materials highlight the futuristic style and the infinite possibilities in the future. The red ‘FERRARI’ is marked on the left side of the model.

  The crown and the sides of the case are decorated with red accents, adding a touch of beautiful color. The crown is engraved with the brand’s classic logo ‘H’, which highlights the overall aesthetic design of the brand.

  The dial incorporates many of the iconic elements of the Ferrari brand. For example, the horse racing embossment at 6 o’clock is Ferrari’s iconic LOGO logo; black trim, numbers and time stamps. On the three models, the platinum version uses yellow, the 3D three-dimensional carbon fiber version uses red, and this one uses black); the classic Ferrari wheel is reduced to the 9 o’clock position; the central second hand The tip is painted in three colors: green, white and red, representing Italy, the birthplace of Ferrari … These designs are inspired by the Ferrari team.

  At 3 o’clock, a small seconds dial and date display window are also unique.

  The strap is made of Kevlar fiber, which matches the overall style of the watch, expressing speed and passion on the wrist watch.

  The movement is equipped with a UNICO movement. This movement is equipped with a flyback function and a column wheel. The power reserve is 72 hours and the waterproof depth is 100 meters. The bottom of the watch is designed to be transparent, and the movement looks like a star.

Summary: For the cooperation between the two this year, Hublot and Ferrari jointly released these three BigBang Ferrari 90th Anniversary watches. The cross-border cooperation between watches and racing cars is quite interesting in itself, plus On the brand-new models, Hublot and Ferrari’s design essence can be seen everywhere. I believe that it will leave a deep impression on many watch fans or car fans. If you like these watch models, you can pay more attention. Reference price: ¥ 502,500 (Wu Fengqi, the home of the picture / text watch)


Frederique Constant Frederique Constant’s Response To The Swatch Group Will Reduce The Supply Of Movement

For nearly 20-30 years, the Swatch Group has become a major supplier of mechanical movements and key watch components for most Swiss watch manufacturers. Despite its long history, Swatch has decided to reduce its supply of movements and key watch components to other watch manufacturers.
In a Western country, when a monopoly stakeholder decides to cut supply, antitrust authorities protect small businesses and give them time to organize. However, in this case, Comco (the Swiss antitrust authority) immediately granted Swatch Group the right to reduce its supply by up to 30%. ‘Comco’s decision seems to have dropped a bombshell on the Swiss watch industry,’ said Peter Stas, founder and CEO of Frederique Constant.
So do independent watchmakers have to give up? ‘Of course, some smaller watchmakers will be forced to withdraw from the watch industry.’ Peter Stas said. Fortunately, Frederique Constant has enough ability to develop its own watch movement. In addition, Frederique Constant Constant began to develop its first movement as early as 2001. However, although preparations have already begun, it will take at least another five years for the company to be able to produce the key component, the balance system of the watch.
Frederique Constant’s goal is to have all components available by two suppliers by 2015, thereby ensuring complete independence. All key components are under development, including a new watch balance system. The company plans to continue to strengthen close cooperation with its specialized component suppliers.
Although some independent brands have accelerated their development and production plans, their short-term future lies in the hands of the Tribunal Administratif. In fact, nine companies have questioned Comco’s approval to allow Swatch to reduce supply, and the court is expected to rule on this by the end of December 2011.