Kunlun Watch Classical Vanitas Series
     The black dial, the skull and the rose have a gorgeous combination, pierced by a sword. Kunlun watches Classical Vanitas series, with a strong personality picture and exquisite mosaic technology, make people shine. The word Vanitas symbolizes the glorious emptiness of the world and the short life of various objects. The design of this watch reminds the world that they are only a fleeting fantasy image in history, and only their masterpiece slang can be retained. The skull represents the destiny of man, and the various objects surrounding the skull represent things that can surpass death and be passed on to future generations. The roses bitten by the skeleton represent love, the sword represents courage and courage, and the laurel crown symbolizes achievement, intelligence and victory. Facing the transient nature of life, beautiful objects can moisturize our lives and add glory to life. A beautiful watch and superb craftsmanship can also be passed on to future generations.
     This watch has a deep theme and a superb inlaying technique. Various precious stones and marbles inlaid by hand constitute the picture on the dial. This mosaic technique can be traced back to the ancient Roman Empire. Carefully cut out the desired shape from the stone and mother-of-pearl, and then inlaid it on the object. This series has three models, each limited to 50 pieces, the case is made of 18K gold, the movement is a CO-982 automatic movement, issued by the Swiss official time measurement bureau precision timer certificate. The end of the second hand is the key logo of the Kunlun watch. The dial is inlaid with a circle of multi-faceted diamonds and a hand-stitched crocodile leather strap. All the details are exquisite.