2012 Basel Watch Fair New Wonderful Watches

There are only 3 days left for the opening of the 40th Basel International Watch and Jewellery. In order to attract attention, many watch brands announced wonderful models before the opening of the Basel watch. Although only a small part, Its wonderful degree really appetites the fans.

Harry Winston Tourbillon 3
Complex poetic
Being able to persevere in the pursuit of complex functions is a feat in itself, and one of the themes of this year is to present this poetry on the dial.
Harry Winston Tourbillon 3
Harriet Weston described this watch as the third exploration of the tourbillon’s limit! In the Histoire de Tourbillon epic tourbillon series, Harry Winston regards the tourbillon as a unique carrier, which is unique and creative in its expression of aesthetic meaning in terms of breadth, depth and subjectivity.
The three tourbillons operate simultaneously, each rotating at different speeds to exert their respective anti-gravity functions. Two of them are nested inside each other, and the fourth-dimensional time is rotated in the three-dimensional space. The dual-axis tourbillon is equipped with two concentric rotating frames. The outer frame rotates once every 120 seconds to drive the balance wheel, balance spring and escapement in the inner frame. It only takes 40 seconds to make a full rotation of the tourbillon. This will ensure that the tourbillon device still maintains unique accuracy when performing multi-dimensional rotation, while bringing stunning visual effects.

Blancpain ultra-thin retrograde small seconds watch
The new watch features a 40mm white gold case with a sapphire crystal. The blue lacquered dial is decorated with classical radiation ripple carving, with multi-level transparent blue, which can transform into an unparalleled ocean depth effect. The marine effect complements the silver-white Roman numerals and hour and minute hands to make the reading clear and clear. The serpentine date hand in the center is uniquely designed to add beauty to the dial. In addition, a retrograde seconds hand is also provided at 6 o’clock. And behind the 5 o’clock position lugs hidden behind the lugs, you can quickly adjust the date. Comes with alligator strap. 72-hour power reserve. Water resistant to 30 meters.

Sports passion
 In terms of the proportion of preview models announced, sports watches will no doubt be hot in 2012!
Breitling Bentley World Time V8 Chronograph
The collaboration between Breitling and Bentley is always looking forward to. This time, in order to celebrate the official release of the new Bentley Continental GT V8 sports car, Breitling has drawn inspiration from the surging and passionate speed, specially launched the Bentley World Time V8 chronograph watch (Bentley GMT ‘V8’), limited to 250 pieces worldwide. A new supercar with a powerful and efficient 4.0-liter V8 engine pays tribute.
The unique metallic red rotating inner ring of the V8 chronograph is dazzling. This vibrant red color complements the red Bentley ‘B’ logo of the Continental GT V8 sports car. The watch is equipped with a high-performance self-winding chronograph movement certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) and is also equipped with Breitling’s exclusive ’30-second chronograph system’. The asymmetrical lugs on the stainless steel case have a novel and bold design, which can be matched with the Speed ​​racing stainless steel bracelet or the dynamic GMT world time rubber strap, which exudes the ultimate passion on the wrist.

 Hublot has always been synonymous with coolness, and the new KING POWER UNICO GMT ‘King of Supreme’ best illustrates this. The original movement UNICO, the function is called Hublot GMT, but in fact this is a veritable world timepiece. KING POWER UNICO GMT consists of four time zone runners, combined with bezel, inner ring, time zone runner, etc., to display the corresponding time zone in multiple levels. This is the world’s first timepiece.
Besides the movement, this is an original movement. Needless to say, it was a stopwatch movement when it was first introduced, and now it has become a ‘GMT’. People from Hublot said that when our UNICO movement was designed from the beginning, Taking into account the addition of various functions in the future, it is a platform on which various complex functions can be developed, alas, smart.

Christophe Claret miniature casino watch
 One of the biggest features of this watch is the interactive watch with entertainment functions. In the precious case of a Baccara watch, a veritable micro-casino is naturally hidden. The watch is not only equipped with traditional timepiece functions (hour and minute display), but also with refreshingly complicated functions: baccarat, roulette and dice games, with sensory and sound effects. Thanks to the sophisticated Christophe Claret movement, it is possible to play a real game of baccarat. With 252 different permutations and combinations of cards owned by both the dealer and the player, there are 63,504 different possibilities in the game.
Moreover, a mysterious Chinese character is engraved on the sapphire crystal of the watch. Only when we gently blow on it, the Chinese characters will emerge.

Omega Aqua Terra GMT Dual Time Zone Watch
 What makes this watch special is Omega’s first watch with its own 8605/8615 coaxial movement with GMT complications. The vibration frequency of the watch can be adjusted by changing the moment of inertia of the balance wheel. This adjustment can be achieved by two 18K gold fine adjustment screws on the balance wheel. This design avoids the interference caused by the contact between the balance spring and the speed clip, thereby ensuring that the coaxial escapement brings long-term stability to the watch. Paired with the iconic ‘Teak Concept’ dial of the Aqua Terra model, the vertical texture is reminiscent of the teak deck on a luxury yacht.
The GMT hand can also be used as a compass: in the northern hemisphere, the watch is placed horizontally, the hour hand and the 24-hour GMT hand are adjusted to the local time, and the hour hand points to the sun, then the direction the GMT hand points is north.

Admiral Kunlun Cup Didier Cuche Limited Edition
 This watch is the spark of a collision between Kunlun and Swiss ski legend Didier Cuche. The accuracy of the watch can definitely be applied to the speed track close to one hundredth of a second on the ski track, showing Kunlun’s extraordinary watchmaking technology.
The watch case is made of vulcanized rubber and has a diameter of 44 mm. Its velvet-like matte surface design reflects the movement characteristics of the watch. The unique 12-sided case of the Admiral’s Cup series of the brand is decorated with a dark black color, with the orange chronograph second hand, ‘LIMITED EDITION’, and the nautical flag pattern and minute circle on the scale position, forming a strong The contrast exudes infinite vitality. The watch uses the CO960 self-winding chronograph movement certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) and features a complex sports watch function with a central chronograph-the minute hand and the hour and minute hands are on the same axis. Limited edition of 100 pieces.

Radar table HyperChrome black man new
 The black chronometer Swiss Radar HyperChrome series watch is made of high-tech ceramics from the inside to the outside. The case is elegantly matched with a hardened stainless steel strap, and the button material is also made of high-tech ceramics. It also has a crown made of stainless steel and black rubber. The warm touch, matched with rhodium-colored hands, chronograph ring and scale, is classic and dynamic.
Vitality is always the infinite source of power for the watch. The wearer is immersed in innovative materials and eye-catching shapes. For sports enthusiasts who focus on watch wear and personal pulse heart rate, this 45mm dial Swiss Radar HyperChrome watch will become his perfect match.

 Swiss Mido Great Wall Series
 The theme of Mido Watch this year is to pay tribute to architectural art! The first Great Wall series watch was created by the brand for the Chinese market. It uses an observatory-certified automatic movement and uses the image of the Great Wall. It combines the traditional Swiss watchmaking technology with China’s long-established historical buildings, creating a new masterpiece. The white minute bezel inside the dial is like the engraved inscription on the Great Wall, and the hour scale on nickel-plated metal is like a beacon passing the years. It closely connects the solid and solid image of the Great Wall with the stable and simple temperament of the watch, fully reflecting the beauty Ingenious artistic inspiration for table designers.
Technical Information
Movement ETA 2836-2 Observatory certified automatic mechanical movement with a power reserve of more than 38 hours.
Case 316L stainless steel, engraved with serial number, 100 meters waterproof.
Strap 316L stainless steel strap with stainless steel folding clasp.


Omega Reveals The Development Of Coaxial Movements (October 19 Update)

From October 19th to November 30th, 2012, the famous Swiss watch brand Omega presented the ‘Exploration • Co-axial’ exhibition in Shanghai Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center. The display of components and watches reviewed the coaxial development of Omega’s remarkable achievements.
Interpretation of the coaxial interpretation of the secret of outstanding precision

   As the exhibition’s unveiling event, on October 18th, the press conference of the Omega ‘Exploration • Co-axial’ exhibition was held at the Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center in Shanghai. Stephen Urquhart, Omega Global President, Carlos Cardenas, Vice President Sales and Travel Retail, Omega Far East, Yang Yan, Vice President of Omega China, Gregory, Head of Omega Product Management • Gregory Kissling is here.

   Okehua, the global president of Omega, said: ‘As the world’s only watchmaker who names its brand with its own movement, Omega has always adhered to the pioneering spirit of the brand’s roots, and constantly pursues outstanding and innovative watchmaking technology. The exploration of coaxial technology is the perfect embodiment of this spirit. The revolutionary coaxial escapement system has solved the lubrication problem that has plagued the watchmaking industry for more than two centuries, and it is a major innovation in the field of mechanical watches. In 1999, Omega The industrial production of coaxial movements has been realized. For more than ten years, we have never stopped the research and development of coaxial technology and successfully applied the unique coaxial technology to all the watch series of the brand. Today, we are absolutely Most mechanical watches are equipped with a coaxial escapement system, which has raised the precision and reliability of OMEGA watches to a new level previously unimaginable in the mechanical watchmaking industry. ‘

   At the event, Mr. Chislin, the head of the Omega Product Management Department, explained in detail the operating principle of the mechanical watch, the transmission method of the movement power, introduced the importance of the escapement as the most critical part of the movement, and shared the Omega same Development trajectory of shaft escapement. After the press conference, Mr. Qisling also led the guests to visit the ‘Exploration of the Co-axial’ exhibition at the Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center in Shanghai.

   The exhibition is divided into four areas. Omega enthusiasts and watch connoisseurs can learn about the development trajectory of coaxial technology from the introduction of the coaxial development memorabilia, and learn about the coaxial escapement system and silicon hairspring according to the language guide. Technical details. The Omega coaxial technology 3D holographic image next to the watchmaker’s workbench more visually presents the extraordinary features of coaxial technology and silicon hairspring. Watchmakers from Switzerland also gave live demonstrations, demonstrating the intricate craftsmanship and sophisticated watchmaking technology inherent in Omega’s unique coaxial escapement.
Coaxial Legend Road
   The coaxial escapement is the first practical new escapement in more than 250 years, and it has an epoch-making significance for Omega and the world’s mechanical watchmaking industry. The biggest difference of this revolutionary escapement system is that it is not an improvement and improvement of the traditional lever escapement system, but uses a completely different double escapement wheel structure, which fundamentally changes The way of mechanical power transmission. Friction is one of the biggest enemies of mechanical watches. The most significant innovation advantage of the coaxial escapement is that it greatly reduces the friction in the movement, which brings a more permanent and excellent running time performance to the watch.

   Following the launch of the first coaxial movement in 1999, Omega continued to explore the coaxial road, optimized the structure of the coaxial escapement system, and improved the original double-layer coaxial escape wheel to a three-layer coaxial escapement. The vertical wheel and the pioneering technology have succeeded in minimizing friction in the movement, making the performance of the Omega coaxial watch even more extraordinary.
    In 2007, Omega launched its 8500/8501 self-produced movement equipped with a coaxial escapement. This is the most remarkable step on the road of Omega coaxial innovation. For the first time, Omega designed the entire movement around a coaxial escapement, and each of the more than 200 components was designed and produced by Omega for a new movement. At the same time, the manufacturing process of these two movements has also been optimized to prepare for series production. For Omega, the launch of the first self-produced coaxial movement is a return to the origin of the brand: in fact, the brand name of ‘Omega’ is derived from a sequence called ‘Omega’ produced by it in 1894. Production of movements. The birth of the Omega 8500 coaxial movement marks the return of Omega to the Swiss watchmaker who designed and produced its own core.

   Later, the 8520/8521 coaxial movement specially designed for small-sized watches, the 8601/8611 coaxial movement with the instantaneous jump calendar function, the 9300/9301 coaxial chronograph movement, with the day of the week display and the instant jump The functional 8602/8612 coaxial movements and the 8605/8615 coaxial movements with GMT function have come out one after another. Omega’s self-produced coaxial movement family continues to grow.
   The development of Omega’s coaxial line is confirming the prediction of the inventor of the coaxial escapement, British watchmaker George Daniel: ‘In the 21st century and beyond, it will make mechanical watches more people’s The watch of choice. ‘


Fearless And Beautiful Iwc Watch Her Light

She is the guardian of the flower of life,
She is the master of fearless beauty,
She is a mother and herself.
At this moment, IWC watches her light!

Guardian love
   She is a mother, guarding the newborn. When the trajectory of destiny is given to the mission of nurture, the energy of life is infinitely released in motherhood. She is not fearless, but love is instinct; she may not be omnipotent, but unreserved. IWC expresses the Vinci Automatic 36, with the ‘flower of life’ engraved on the case back. For thousands of years, this harmonious geometric shape of 19 rings intertwined has been regarded as a symbol of energy and timeless.
IWC Express Vinci Automatic 36 (Model: IW458308)

   The 36 mm diameter stainless steel case is set with 54 pure white diamonds, and the berry pink Santoni alligator leather strap is modern and charming. The bright tones contrast beautifully with the black display on the silver-plated dial. The simple and restrained dial inner circle, the striking semi-circular crown and the round date window at ‘6 o’clock’ add feminine charm. Full chain can provide 42 hours power reserve.
Price: 83,300 RMB
Elegant way
She is a mother and herself. Career and family, dream and reality, she has her own rhythm in the staggered roles. The so-called ‘beautiful simplicity’ is the wisdom and calmness of years. IWC Portofino Automatic 37, simple Italian style is beautiful. The sparkling diamond is like her walking through time, confident, determined, and shining.
IWC Portofino Automatic 37 (Model: IW458112)

The stainless steel case with a diameter of 37 mm is set with 66 high-clarity diamonds, with golden hour indexes, showing the noble temperament of this timepiece. The exquisite radial sunlight on the dial brings charming light and shadow effects. A berry pink Santoni crocodile leather strap creates a crisp texture. Full chain can provide 42 hours power reserve.
Price: 74,800 RMB


Citizen Rong Zuer Christmas Signature Light Kinetic Wave Watch

An emperor’s sister, Rong Zuer, will sing in Shanghai and present a Christmas gift to the fans. From the youthfulness of her debut to the starlight of today, this ‘girl with wings’ shows her self perfectly with each transformation, and she has made the wonderful life with her unremitting efforts. Citizen once again joined hands with them to launch a 2008 solar-powered radio-controlled radio timepiece signed by Rong Zuer during the Christmas season, as a warm and private treasure for urban beauties.

 Joey Yung’s dynamic and stylish appearance of the Christmas signature will undoubtedly add more joy to this warm season. The light brown crocodile leather strap with a soft gold case is suitable for the colors of autumn and winter seasons and reflects the confidence and independence of urban women; the sapphire mirror is round and smooth and crystal clear; and the dial design further explains the multi-faceted charm of modern women. The Arabic numerals contrast with the elegant Roman scales. Warm gold and noble silver complement each other. The hollow hands exude a unique artistic flavor, satisfying women’s ultimate pursuit of detail in fashion.

 The exquisite and elegant appearance of Joey Yung’s Christmas signature solar-powered radio timepiece is derived from its high-tech inner core. This watch uses the world’s smallest radio-controlled movement and combines Citizen’s leading photovoltaic technology and radio-wave technology. There is no need to manually adjust the time and date. As long as there is light, there is energy. As long as it can receive standard time radio waves, it will not There will be errors. The solar-powered radio wave watch realizes near-perfect automatic management, eliminating all the hassles for busy urban women, and showing calmness whenever and wherever possible.
Confident women are the most beautiful. Citizen Rong Zuer’s signature meets beautiful women with Christmas.


Tribute To World War Ii Military Watch Hamilton Khaki Skywalker Watch

Today, the Hamilton Khaki UTC watch with the functions of two places and the abbreviations of major airports around the world, commemorating the predecessors with the function of stellar time display. The design takes the glory of the past naval timer and reaches the modern era.

行 Skywalker’s predecessors during World War II achieved outstanding achievements. Their reliable and accurate performance escorted the on-time safety of naval vessels. The sturdy 42 mm stainless steel case of the new watch, the Swiss-made time movement with excellent anti-magnetic performance, and the water-resistant performance up to 300m are the tribute to World War II military watches. The practical second time zone display also injects modern ideas into Skywalker. The second time zone window adjusted by the 2-point crown shows the three-letter airport code specified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), such as Kennedy Well-known air transportation hubs such as the International Airport (JFK), Los Angeles Airport (LAX), and Honolulu and Pendelgada in the Azores. The perfect combination of the present and the past has laid a solid foundation for the brilliance of Hamilton Khaki Skywalker in the future watch industry.

The khaki Skywalker watch, which has a strong nostalgic atmosphere, also uses many high-tech processing techniques and uses imaginative modern materials. The dial is available in black and beige colors. The contrast between the black and white colors of the scale is clear and easy to read. The back cover is engraved with the Hamilton family coat of arms, retro and textured; Swiss-made, excellent antimagnetic performance and other words highlight the high-end quality of the watch. The heavy use of modern materials reflects the brand’s dynamic and innovative characteristics. The rubber-backed Oxford strap and other elements are specially designed. Hamilton Khaki Skywalker is gaining popularity worldwide with its precise performance and chic appearance.


Hamilton Broadway Auto Chrono Watch

Hamilton, the most American style of Swiss watch brands, has become the focus of attention with Broadway’s dazzling aura. With both urban style and sports style, this series of new products aims to pay tribute to the world’s most famous avenue. For the Hamilton watch brand, this is a kind of traceability, because the first generation of pocket watches released in the 1890s was known as the Broadway Limited Watch.

   The automatic chronograph style is designed to reminisce New York and other legendary theater districts. The central stripe on the dial is a metaphor for the city’s oldest north-south avenue, and other buildings on either side of the avenue are displayed with vertical lines. Skyscraper-style hands, chronograph timers, and the contrast between polished and satin-finished finishes have injected this watch with an unquestionably modern spirit.

H-21 self-winding mechanical movement with a power reserve of 60 hours.
Hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph, day of the week, date, tachometer.
Stainless steel case, 43 mm in diameter. Anti-glare sapphire crystal and case back. Water-resistant to 10 atmospheres (100 meters / 330 feet).
Black dial with multiple layers and vertical lines. 30-minute counter at 12 o’clock, 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock, small seconds at 9 o’clock, day and date at 3 o’clock.
Black leather or stainless steel strap with matching folding clasp.
Other versions
Mechanical self-winding watch with day and date display, 42 mm diameter. Quartz movement model, with day and date display, diameter 40 mm.


Chopard Chopard With Popular Rising Stars

On the evening of April 19th, Chopard accompanied Lin Yanjun and Dong Youlin, two unusually popular stars, appeared in Shanghai. They unhurriedly embellished the overall shape with Chopard, showing the youth spirit and bright light.

  Singer Lin Yanjun wore a Chopard Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph and Ice Cube ring. The neat suit style with chronograph with silver dial is full of coolness and calmness. The fingertips of the Ice Cube series ring show his unruly personality in the details.

   Singer Dong Youlin also chose to wear the Chopard Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph watch to add luster to his overall look. The chronograph on the black dial highlights the distinct sportsmanship and retro style, complementing the casual outfit of its black jacket and pattern shirt, highlighting the extraordinary pursuit of a young star in the field of life.


Chopin Presents Magical Setting Series, Adding Glory To The World Of Fine Jewelry

Chopard, an emotional master of craftsmanship, dazzles in the world of traditional fine jewelry with the new Magical Setting series. The dazzling and graceful brocade cluster rings, pendants and earrings use exquisite and innovative inlay technology, and play with light and shadow effects to make diamonds and colored gemstones show unprecedented brilliance. Chopard Caroline Scheufele, co-president and artistic director of Chopard, reinterprets the noble and long-lasting classic jewellery design, the flower cluster, releasing the rich and colorful glow hidden inside the gem, showing the jewellery Emotional charm. Caroline Schaefer explores the thousands of forms of light through the Magical Setting series: light symbolizes divinity, purity, joy, and endless joy; light is the essence of elegant charm; light can also stimulate the power of gems and jewelry Emotional resonance.

Dazzling light color image

Chopard Magical Setting Jewelry

Each cluster is located in the center of a striking and charming single gemstone, with a classic and elegant structure, surrounded by eye-catching large gemstones, giving the timeless design an unexpected avant-garde modern atmosphere. Linglong jewelry uses innovative mosaic technology to stage a dazzling light-colored charm. This inlaying technology was carefully developed by Chopard’s craftsmen, inspired by Caroline Schafer’s long-standing jewellery dream, which highlights the vitality and brilliance of gemstones and shows the individual charm of jewelry.

Chopard Magical Setting Jewelry

The central gem of each cluster is fixed with almost invisible and invisible claws, and the surrounding gems are firmly positioned like magic. There is no support at all, and no metal base can be seen from the front or above the jewelry. Brocade is supported by Chopard’s new and original structure. This special technique moves the claws typically used to hold gemstones below the gemstone waistline. As a result, the metal will be completely hidden on the surface of the jewelry, and each facet of all gems can be more fully illuminated. The light can enter and exit freely, swirling around the gem, setting off ripple waves on the surface of the gem, not hindered by solid metal, and not bound to any limit. At the same time, the gold support structure enhances the dazzling light color effect, creating an unprecedented visual experience.

‘I deeply love gemstones, and hope to conceive the most unexpected way to highlight the beauty of gemstones. With the Magical Setting technology developed by Chopard’s Fine Jewelry Workshop with extraordinary ingenuity and craftsmanship, we can now make gemstones suspended in the air, At the same time, it shines brightly, ‘said Caroline Schaefer, co-president and artistic director of Chopard.

vivid colors

Chopard Magical Setting Jewelry

The Magical Setting series is exquisite and elegant regardless of color combination and design. The series of jewellery may be set with diamonds only, or diamonds with sapphire, ruby ​​or emerald. A series of other jewellery set with colorful gemstones, including tanzanite, red tourmaline, amethyst and pink sapphire, form a cluster in different arrangements, bringing a different modern charm, and interpreting the classic style in colorful tones. As always, Chopard carefully selects gems with quality, personality and charm. Thanks to Magical Setting technology, when the light penetrates the gemstone, its rich colors are even more dazzling. The wonderful combination of light and color is beautiful and shocking.

Noble classical brocade design

Chopard Magical Setting Jewelry

Chopard is known for its unrestrained, unconventional high-end jewelry style, and Caroline Schaefer reinterprets extremely classic jewelry designs through the Magical Setting series. The brocade design dates back to the 14th century and may have its origins in the medieval brooches used to fasten cloaks or robes in the Middle Ages, which gradually evolved into ornate and delicate ring-shaped accessories. Today’s brocade presents elegant floral shapes, which were all the rage in the 17th and 18th centuries as the earliest decorations. Diamonds were discovered in Brazil in the early 1720s. For the emerging wealthy class of the time, diamonds were increasingly widely accepted and favored. In the 19th century, fashionable brocades used a single gem shape, usually accompanied by large colored stones, surrounded by diamonds, which were very graceful and luxurious, occupying a place in the jewelry box of the royal family. The brocade in this form is still the traditional pattern of high-end jewellery in the 20th century. At that time, the focus of the design was on the type of gems and classic charm.

Today, Caroline Schaefer breaks through the classic brocade design, explores its noble temperament and multiple changes, plays with proportions, and is fascinated by its connection with the universe and constellation. This dense star cluster composed of light and energy scatters light from the inside out, and it dazzles the night sky, which is stunning and fascinating.

Love Magical Setting Series

Chopard Magical Setting Jewelry

Caroline Schaefer recalls that her love for gems originated in her childhood. When she was playing with her mother’s jewelry, she felt a magical attraction. She arranged and stacked the jewelry and dreamed of creating her own work. After participating in the family business, she injected this playfulness with a bold avant-garde spirit of adventure into Chopard design. Caroline Schaefer has perseverance, adheres to the spirit of freedom, constantly breaks boundaries, challenges stereotypes, and frees high-level jewelry from the formal and formal customs. She gave jewellery a new form of expression, creating a unique style that is at the forefront of fashion, leisurely grace, exquisite and gorgeous. Today Chopard is known worldwide for this style. However, Caroline Schaefer’s ultimate goal is to highlight the beauty of gems, the color and luster of colored gems, and the endless depth of diamonds.

Chopard Magical Setting Jewelry

For many years, Caroline Schaefer held a dream-to make the setting invisible, to make the gemstone shine, and to show its extraordinary charm and personality. She challenged the artisans and shook her head to say that her ideas were too complex to be realized. However, she is curious and persevering, persevering, and relentlessly pursuing innovation and inspiration. Today, Magical Setting turns her creative vision into reality. Her exclusive artisans combine advanced technology and ancient skills to create a new generation of fashion classics. These sensual jewels are radiant and dazzling, making people feel refreshed.

Make diamonds spin freely

Chopard Magical Setting Jewelry

The Magical Setting series evolves from Chopard’s most famous work, Happy Diamonds. The work continues Chopard’s mission of making diamonds spin freely, and strives to find a new expression of high jewelry, which can capture and reflect the feminine temperament of fashion and the ambition and attitude of modern women. In 1976, Chopard shocked the jewelry industry with Happy Diamonds. These exquisite diamonds full of joy break the old traditions, move freely, dance lively and playful, showing a young mindset. The launch of Happy Diamonds coincided with the timing and became a symbol of social and cultural change and women’s freedom.

Caroline Schaefer continues to explore and is committed to rejuvenating high-end jewelry with a more modern look. She introduces new technologies and materials, such as space metal titanium alloy, dyes it and blends with the gemstone, highlighting the gorgeous color and grace of the gemstone. Now, the Magical Setting series is once again following the trend, showing the autonomy of modern attractive women. These jewellery will be dedicated to the free women who show their charming charm freely according to their wishes. They are broad-minded, shining like the Magical Setting.


Fei Yada Memorial God Nine Flying Tour

At this moment, ancient dreams perfectly collide with modern superb skills.

 With the launch of Shenzhou Nine, China’s first female astronaut entered space, and the rose was blooming in the vast sky. There are three astronauts in Shenzhou-9. They conducted manned rendezvous with the Tiangong-1 target aircraft operating in orbit, and then entered and worked for Tiangong-1 for about 10 days. During these 10 days, the unique meticulousness and keenness of the female astronauts made the mission more successful. The Fiyta aerospace series watches, once again as the wrist auxiliary timing equipment for this mission, recorded the entire journey of their space exploration.

 When the ancient ‘flying sky’ goddess was superimposed with the female astronaut in reality, the female watch of the Fiyta aerospace series had the most appropriate inspiration. Fiyta’s aerospace women’s watch accompanies the first female astronaut in China to create a new journey in space exploration. In addition to outstanding watchmaking skills, perfect artistic accomplishments are also essential. Therefore, for this mission, Fiyta specially developed the world’s first hand-painted silk enamel aerospace female watch that can be applied to the space environment.

 In order to keep in mind the flying journey of China’s first female astronaut, Fiyta issued a limited number of ‘China’s first female astronaut memorial’ space watch, limited to 50 pieces worldwide. The watch has a hand-painted filigree enamel surface: the craftsman exquisitely filigree the 24K gold thread on the silver chassis to outline the beautiful ‘flying’ image from the Dunhuang frescoes, and the pure black enamel surface as the main background is as deep as night peaceful. The entire dial, as if the flying goddess soared in the vast night sky; the dial is engraved with the code of the Shenzhou series rocket-‘flying’. At this moment, the ancient flying dream and the perfect collision of modern technology.

 At the same time, as the perfect new work of the Fiyta Aerospace series, the ‘Shenzhou 9 Commemorative Model (Men’s Watch)’ interprets the outstanding spirit of the Fiyta Aerospace series in a tough style. This watch continues the design style that has won the ‘German Red Dot Design Award 2010’, carrying a powerful inner core with a simple and powerful appearance. The watch is equipped with Fiyta’s independent mechanical movement, which has a multi-function timing function. The watch’s unique AM / PM display frame can facilitate astronauts to identify the earth’s time in the chaos of day and night in time. ‘It has become the unique symbol of Fiyta’s aerospace series. This function was originally set up for space flight missions, and the progress of the mission is warned with blue and green fans. The 100 meters water resistance and other performances ensure that the astronauts can Complete every rigorous operation with minute error. On the bottom cover of titanium alloy material, specially designed aerospace-themed embossed marks make it more collectible. This watch is limited to 999 pieces worldwide.

 Every minute and every action in space requires thousands of rigorous trainings on the ground. During the long and arduous practice process, Fiyta’s ground training watch for astronauts. This time, the Fiyta Aerospace series has added a new ground training work table, which was issued in a global limited edition of 1999. It has a water resistance of 100 meters and a magnetic performance far exceeding the national standard.

Fiyta witnesses the journey of space exploration

 From Shenzhou V, Fiyta began to provide professional chronograph watches for Chinese astronauts. Today, Fiyta space watches have always accompanied Chinese astronauts to perform ground training and space flight missions. After the first manned spacecraft launch of Shenzhou-5, the triumph of Shenzhou-6, the first spacewalk of Chinese astronauts of Shenzhou-7, Shenzhou-8, and Shenzhou-9 manually docked with Tiangong-1 in space exploration. Along the way, with outstanding quality, the Fiyta Aerospace watch has witnessed history and is also witnessed by history.

 Whether in a long and arduous training process or in a gravity-free space environment, the Fiyta aerospace series watches are always with the Chinese astronauts and are always advancing. In Fiyta’s view, the watch records not only time, but also the journey to achieve dreams. The only way to cherish the true dream in the heart and to move forward towards this dream is not far away.

 Aerospace series China’s first female astronaut mission table Z091 (F)

Swiss quartz movement, multifunctional chronograph.

Titanium case and side inlaid with hand-painted silk enamel.

Anti-glare sapphire glass.

Titanium alloy bottom cover.

Leather strap.

Water resistant to 50 meters.

Anti-magnetic 4800A / m.

 Aerospace series China’s first female astronaut commemorative model LA8598.WBR

Swiss automatic mechanical movement.

Hand-painted filigree dial.

Stainless steel case.

Anti-glare sapphire glass.

Stainless steel bottom cover, engraved with the commemorative design of the mission.

Alligator strap.

Water resistant to 50 meters.

Limited edition of 50 pieces.

 Aerospace series Shenzhou 9 commemorative model GA8596.WBW

Fiyta automatic mechanical movement, multi-function chronograph.

Stainless steel case.

Anti-glare sapphire glass.

Titanium alloy bottom cover, engraved with the commemorative design of the mission.

Stainless steel strap.

Water resistant to 100 meters.

Limited to 999 pieces.

 Aerospace series Shenzhou 9 ground training work table GA8592.WBW

Fiyta automatic mechanical movement.

Stainless steel case.

Anti-glare sapphire glass.

Stainless steel bottom cover, engraved with the commemorative design of the mission.

Stainless steel strap.

Water resistant to 100 meters.

Antimagnetic 16000A / m.

Limited to 1999 pieces.


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The classic design of the ultra-thin watch will always give your image a bonus, but it will not be so swaggering as to make you feel uncomfortable. Wear it without rubbing your wrists at work, and don’t worry about it bulging into your cuffs.
     Because ultra-thin watches are relatively low prices for each brand, they are also called entry models. It has a classic shape and is not easily out of date. If you only buy one watch, ultra-thin models are the most cost-effective choice. It can hide your true wealth level. Charles Prince of Britain and former president of GE all wear Patek Philippe ultra-thin watches.
Zenith Classic Moon Phase Big Date
Price: ¥ 54,000
Movement: automatic machinery
Material: Steel
Bottom cover: transparent bottom
Case thickness: 9mm
Case diameter: 40mm
     Recommended reason: The only one with complicated functions in the entire group, self-produced movement, micro-engraved pattern, moon phase display, this price is very value.
2. Baume & Mercier Collection
Price: ¥ 36,400
Movement: automatic machinery
Material: Rose Gold
Bottom cover: impervious bottom
Case thickness: 7.5mm
Case diameter: 33mm
     Recommended reason: The more popular the large dial, the more classic the small dial. Roman numerals and black crocodile straps can identify you.
3. Omega Butterfly Flying Elegant Series
Price: RMB 22,300
Movement: automatic machinery
Material: Steel
Bottom cover: impervious bottom
Case thickness: 7.5mm
Case diameter: 36.5mm
     Recommended reason: the unique coaxial escapement is more accurate and durable, and it is not easy to achieve this thickness.
4. Nomos Tangente
Price: ¥ 14,800
Movement: manual machinery
Material: Steel
Bottom cover: transparent bottom
Case thickness: 6.6mm
Case diameter: 35mm
     Recommended reason: If you don’t have that much money and want to show that you know the watch, buy it. German style, extremely simple, horse leather strap.
5. Longines Jialan Series
Price: $ 9090
Movement: automatic machinery
Material: PVD vacuum ion plating
Bottom cover: transparent bottom
Case thickness: 7.05mm
Case diameter: 34mm
     Recommended reason: the representative of neutral beauty, unique design of the lugs, the most representative of elegant style.
6. Tissot Golden River Series
Price: ¥ 1.095 series
Movement: Quartz
Material: 18K yellow gold
Bottom cover: impervious bottom
Case thickness: 4.8mm
Case diameter: 33.5mm
     Recommended reason: Thin is thinner, but at least the general public has enjoyed the ‘gold and silver price’.
7. Cartier Large Rose Gold
Price: ¥ 79,000
Movement: manual machinery
Material: Rose Gold
Bottom cover: transparent bottom
Case thickness: 5.32mm
Case diameter: 36mm
     Recommended reason: Among a group of handsome guys with clear eyebrows, this guy with big eyebrows and big eyes grabbed people at once. The 24-hour display dial is also very practical.
8. Jaeger-LeCoultre Super Slim
Price ¥ 63,000
Movement: manual machinery
Material: Steel
Bottom cover: transparent bottom
Case thickness: 5.75mm
Case diameter: 34mm
     Reason for recommendation: The appearance is the same as the one shown on the table.
9. Blancpain date display
Price: ¥ 107,000
Movement: automatic machinery
Material: Rose Gold
Bottom cover: transparent bottom
Case thickness: 6.25mm
Case diameter: 38mm
     Recommended reason: 100-hour power reserve plus automatic winding. Forget the clockwork. The best thing is the perfect bezel design, the side is more beautiful than the front.
10. Vacheron Constantin patrimony
Price: ¥ 118,000
Movement: manual machinery
Material: 18K white gold
Bottom cover: impervious bottom
Case thickness: 6.7mm
Case diameter: 40mm
     Recommended reason: Generally speaking, ultra-thin watches are not dare to be too big. With such a big face, the components are so simple that they can’t be simplified, but they don’t look rigid.
11. Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref. 5196R
Price: 177,400
Movement: manual machinery
Material: Rose Gold
Bottom cover: impervious bottom
Case thickness: 6.8mm
Case diameter: 37mm
     Recommended reason: The most expensive watch in the entire set is almost the cheapest PP watch. Think of it as heavier than the 5119 weight.
12. Chopard L.U.C XP
Price: ¥ 94,000
Movement: automatic machinery
Material: 18K white gold
Bottom cover: impervious bottom
Case thickness: 7mm
Case diameter: 39.50mm
     Recommended reason: star watches in famous watches, winner of the ultra-thin series of the Geneva Watch Awards in 2006, patented technology of double bar.