Casio Sheen Introduces Micro-movie With Spokesperson Gui Lunmei

The SHEEN micro-film starring four people starred by the Golden Horse Awards and the spokesperson for Casio’s SHEEN series of women’s watches, condenses the independent confidence and intellectual beauty of urban women in just 2 minutes. in. The beautifully transformed Emily, the confident and intelligent Sophia, and the sunny Sandy are all people who can’t help finding their own shadow in them. When the sweet Tanabata is approaching, the fourth ‘Romance’ of the micro-film is released with affection, explaining to everyone what is the true love that modern urban women need!
In the fourth micro-film, Gui Lunmei used superb acting skills to reinterpret the desire and attitude of urban women for love. On the annual Valentine’s Day again, the heroine carefully prepared a romantic dinner for the heroine, but on the heroine’s face, we saw a little anxiety and embarrassment. Especially when the hero asked about the birthday present he wanted this year, the heroine was silent. Stepping out of the restaurant, the drizzle of Lili did not break the silence between the two, and the actor only silently supported the girl behind her umbrella. At this time, the sudden burst of the fountain let the heroine hide in her boyfriend’s arms. The male protagonist held the female protagonist’s hand tightly. The temperature in the palm of her hand calmed her heart a little scared. The heroine finally smiled at this moment and said, ‘What I want is time with you.’

 The definition of romance is not just a seemingly high-end candlelight dinner on Valentine’s Day, nor is it a gift wrapped in gorgeous packaging on each birthday. What is romantic is a time that belongs to two people every minute and every second. Companionship can slow down time enough to feel each other’s heartbeat, breathing, body temperature, and taste. In the movie, the Casio EDIFICE & SHEEN couple watch worn by the male and female protagonists has become the best witness to love and time. The watch hands tick and the time goes by unconsciously. Together is the best time.

Let time witness love
EFR-500D & SHE-5019D-7A The EFR-500D & SHE-5019D-7A couple pair watch with silver as the main color, still highlights pure fashion in simplicity. The addition of a small fan-shaped dial not only played an excellent embellishment role, but also strengthened the functional practicability of the watch.

EFR-500D & SHE-5019D-7A ¥ 1590
Main functions: 100/50 meters waterproof; stopwatch display; day and date display, one-touch tri-fold strap
* Casio SHEEN watch series use SWAROVSKI crystal
SHE-5019D series watches have been sold in major counters throughout Casio

Basel Watch Show Preview Bulgari’s New Diagono Series Watch

BVLGARI presents two new Diagono series watches that show the retro style and design essence, boldly blending the quintessential traditional skills and superb modern technology, creating a new time display method. The Diagono Moon Phase Watch and Calibro 303 Chronograph highlight the supreme mechanical watchmaking process with outstanding style and eye-catching identification marks.

 The Diagono Moon Phase Watch and Calibro 303 chronograph watch were founded in 1988. They are highly distinguished by the engraved ‘BVLGARI BVLGARI’ double LOGO logo, which has become a model of noble and timeless watches. Although the functions of the moon phase watch are very different from those of the chronograph, the two completely different series have the same dial design.

 The moon phase watch and Calibro303 chronograph are from BVLGARI’s independent watch production workshop. The dial is completed with ancient infill enamel technology. This prestigious production process is extremely cumbersome-the grooves need to be cut out on the metal surface, and the transparent enamel glaze is filled into the pattern according to the design and fired. Pure craftsmanship, through complex production processes, to create noble and elegant, bright colors, exquisite visual effects.

 The dial of the Diagono series has a long history of infill enamel technology, and it has become the iconic watchmaking process that is very characteristic of the BVLGARI family. Diagono is derived from the ancient Greek ‘agòn’, which means ‘competition, competition’, and its design inspiration comes from the ancient Greek sculptor Milon’s ‘discustor’. The dial design is dynamic and reflects the classic style of the perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics.

Dianogo Moon Phase Watch: The Poetic Expression of Astronomical Watch

 The Diagono moon phase watch incorporates moon phase and calendar display functions. The retro and exquisite design injects a picturesque artistic breath into the complex watch manufacturing process. At the same time of using Swiss top-level filling enamel watchmaking technology, this series also has an original patented moon phase change cycle indication function. Unlike the dial design of the traditional moon phase display, this BVLGARI Bvlgari watch creatively uses a new mechanical system to express the moon’s cycle of activity, and this technology was independently developed by BVLGARI Bvlgari.

Poetic Moon Phase
 The self-winding movement mounted on the vibrating plate indicates the change of the moon phases through five positions pointed by the crescent-shaped hands. The pointer indicating the moon’s daily activity beats along the trajectory of the crescent once a day, showing the moon’s profit (from left to right) and the loss (from right to left). Each cycle means that the moon has completed a cyclic movement. This period is calculated on the basis of 29.5 days in the Northern Hemisphere. The moon phase dial is located at 6 o’clock. In the small window at the top of the dial, the internal arrow points to the left to indicate that the moon is gradually losing, and to the right indicates that the moon is gradually gaining. The moon phase display needs to be adjusted every 32 months.

Calendar and week
 This perfect and exquisite moon phase display technology comes from BVLGARI’s own BVL347 movement. This movement not only makes the Diagono moon phase watch accurate, but also displays the calendar and day. The 150 ° retrograde display dial between 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock represents the day of the week, and the dial between 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock represents the calendar. The calendar can be adjusted by the three adjusting hands in the middle of the case. This movement contains 347 parts, like the finely crafted rotor, all processed and assembled by hand. The oscillating weight is made of six different materials and polished in eight ways to reach the level that BVLGARI is famous for.

 Through the sapphire crystal mirror dial, you can see this precious movement and the oscillating weight protected in the 18K rose gold case. The diameter of the case is 42 mm. The middle part of the surface is polished and polished. The polished dial with polished and polished edges. The elegant dial with enamel manufacturing process has two color choices: ivory white and ebony black. Supreme elegance. The Diagono Moon Phase Watch is limited to 199 pieces worldwide.

Su Youpeng Appeared In Chengdu Cartier Watch China Touring Exhibition

Cartier Cartier, the world’s top jewellery and watch brand, kicked off the first stop of the China Watch Tour on the first floor of Chengdu Wangfujing Department Store on August 20. Famous movie star Su Youpeng appeared to help, Cartier Cartier China Chief Executive Officer Jian Yawen, Business Director Yang Jiande, and Wang Yingjing Deputy General Manager Zhao Yingming also made their appearances to unveil the tour.
Tour site
Yang Jiande, Zhao Yingming, Su Youpeng, Jian Yawen and Cartier’s Cartier partner Qian Hong
Su Youpeng
Su Youpeng
Cartier Cartier on display
Cartier watch on display
   On the same day, the exhibition site on the first floor of Wangfujing Department Store in Chengdu was particularly dazzling. Su Youpeng wore a black and white dress and a blue balloon strap watch, one of Cartier’s classics, which added a lot to the scene. In addition to Su Youpeng, the watches displayed on the scene are also extremely bright. Not only are many classics such as Cartier’s CARTIER blue balloon series watches, Calibrede Cartier series, Delices series watches, but also brands Newly launched celestial constant center-of-gravity watch and upcoming limited edition of 150 dragon-decorated diamond watches. At present, the tour of Chengdu Station has ended. From September to January 2012, the China tour of Cartier’s CARTIER watch series will also land in Xi’an, Harbin, Ningbo, Nanjing, Wenzhou and other cities.

Rolex Implements New Watchmaker Training Program

Rolex has designed a new watchmaker training program and will implement it at all Rolex-sponsored schools in the United States.
The program’s new courses, exams and certification process will be overseen by the newly formed Swiss Watchmaking Training Alliance (SAWTA), an entity owned and operated by Rolex, including watch brand representatives, and watchmaking from Switzerland Training and Education Program (WOSTEP), American Watchmaker Institute (AWCI) and Rolex-sponsored school.

Rolex says its new watchmaker training program will set a new standard in American professional watchmaking education.
The course is intended to consolidate the skills currently required to achieve AWCI and WOSTEP certification and to set new standards in professional watchmaking education in the United States, Rolex said in a statement.
There will be a comprehensive final exam recognized by the Alliance members. After passing, candidates will receive certifications from SAWTA, WOSTEP and AWCI, and obtain diplomas from their respective schools and colleges.

Rolex has donated a total of more than $ 1.6 million each year, and more than 200 students have graduated from its courses.
Source: National Jeweler Network

Richard Mille Rm 11 First Ntpt Watch

RM 011 Carbon NTPT® Automatic Watch

 Entering the new season, Richard Mille pioneered the application of NTPT® (thin-layer composite technology) carbon fiber materials to watchmaking. After months of meticulous research and development, he finally launched the first NTPT® carbon fiber case.

 RM 011 Carbon NTPT® Automatic Watch

 The NTPT® carbon fiber material was originally developed for the manufacture of racing yacht sails and quickly became a material not to be missed in sailing. This material significantly optimizes the endurance and lightness of yacht sails and has become a must-have material for racing boats around the world. NTPT® carbon fiber material has become the benchmark for composite materials. In the past two seasons, it has been used to manufacture the frame of Formula One cars. It has also entered the hall of the aviation industry because it is used in the solar impulse 2 fuselage of future solar aircraft .

 The new RM 11H uses RICHARD MILLE’s first NTPT® carbon fiber material.

 NTPT® carbon fiber is special and produces a unique visual effect due to its regular wavy pattern. NTPT® carbon fiber material consists of multiple layers of parallel filaments, which are separated from carbon fibers. These thin layers not exceeding 30 microns are first immersed in a resin and then woven by a special machine. There is a 45 ° angle between the layers, creating a special visual effect similar to rare wood. After being heated to 120 ° with 6 bar pressure, NTPT® carbon fiber material can be sent to Richard Mille’s watch case factory in Proart for CNC machining.

 Compared with composite materials that have been considered to have excellent physical properties, NTPT® carbon fiber materials have 25% better rupture stresses and 200% better microcracks.

 The NTPT® material completely protects the RMAC1 movement. The RMAC1 movement features a large date window at 12 o’clock, a month display at 4 o’clock, and a flyback timing function. The all-titanium movement has a dual barrel mechanism. It is wound by a variable geometry automatic disc with a power reserve of up to 55 hours.

 The new RM 011 Carbon NTPT® watch brings innovative and cutting-edge technical solutions to the world of modern watchmaking.

Breitling Launches The ‘three Arrows’ Flying Team Ultimate Chronograph Watch

Breitling became the official watch of the Italian Air Force ‘Three Arrows’ aerobatic flight performance team (Frecce Tricolori) in 1983, and in 1984 designed a mechanical chronograph series watch for it. Nearly 30 years later, the two renewed their frontiers and established a long-term cooperative relationship again. To celebrate this event, Breitling’s Chronomat 44 and its limited edition specially ordered for the ‘Three Arrows’ flying team, limited to 1,000 pieces.

    The new watch features a 44mm diameter steel case with a black rubber die-cut unidirectional ratchet-shaped rotating digital bezel, a double-sided anti-reflective curved sapphire crystal, a screw-in crown and a safety chronograph button. The black dial continues the classic design of 1983. It is equipped with a 30-minute and 12-hour silver cumulative timer with red hands and a calendar display. It is even more striking against the 12 o’clock flight team logo. The logo consists of three arrows of Italian flag colors red, white and green, and the words ‘P.A.N. frecce tricolori’ are engraved underneath (P.A.N. means ‘National Aerobatic Team’, Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale). The bottom of the table is engraved with the outlines of ten performance team aircraft manufactured by Marki.

    In terms of power, the watch is equipped with Breitling’s own 01 automatic winding movement, which is certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), with a high swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour and a power reserve of more than 70 hours. Water-resistant to 500 meters. Comes with Diver Pro III deep diving rubber strap with Breitling logo or Pilot steel bracelet.

Relationship Between Movement And Clocks

‘Movement’! Everyone knows, no one knows, a terminology that watchmakers never leave. This term is so well known and well known in Switzerland that anyone knows the important meaning of this keyword. Later, this technical term was used naturally by people as a special pronoun, referring specifically to ‘an important social problem.’ In the watch manufacturing area throughout Switzerland, the “movement” ranks first in the world, and the “Swiss Movement Manufactures Association” as one of the four pillars of the watch industry, together with its counterparts, supports the entire Swiss watch industry. produce. So how do literati and scholars define this world-famous term? In other words, how is the original meaning of the word defined? Investigating the source, the original meaning of the word is closely related to the word ‘design’, specifically referring to a ‘simple part’ in the finished watch. If people today know that there is a ‘world of movements’ and a world of watches and clocks, which both exist independently and are interdependent, then we have to retrace the traces of history in order to find why the two ‘worlds’ are halfway between them. Why is the real reason for a complete separation? Because this is indeed an important issue.
   The real reason for the complete breakup is by no means a rift between the two. The reason for the breakup is from the day-to-day and sporadic disagreements, and the real reason is often unknown in the long river of history, some unpredictable dark waves. In order to better understand the overall and true answer, we have to revisit history, and even go back to the early days of the birth of watches and clocks, which is the beauty of each work, each new invention from the ‘artisan of watchmaking’ or the hand of the artist Years. In that era, everyone knew exactly what a watch or a clock was, but no one ever mentioned the term ‘movement’. What is important is a fully completed clock or watch. The watchmaker does not think that it is necessary to distinguish between the ‘movement’ and other parts of the watch. This is completely different from the modern mechanized assembly line production method. . A finished finished clock is a clock in the true sense, as simple as air is air. Over time, people began to realize and realize that they must be distinguished from each other. At this time, the broad term of clocks and watches and the noun ‘movement’ began to separate. This is a gradual understanding and a gradual practice process. We cannot strictly indicate the exact year.

   Like typewriters and steam locomotives, Swiss timepieces, especially early handmade products, have retained the original style inherited by the glorious founders. Looking at the original antiques, we can recall the long history of this industry. One of them appeared in the Jura region on a date that no one can determine, and spent its childhood here. Time, and thrive in the years to come. The official chronicles of the earliest generation of the watch industry in Switzerland are rarely noticed, and accurate information and unambiguous descriptions are extremely scarce. In the process of research, we are often ‘confused’, can’t tell whether it is true history? Or unverifiable folklore? The obscure birth date of the Swiss watch industry lacks conclusive evidence. Far from complete historical data, different regions give different sketchy answers. Taking Geneva as an example, the introduction of this industry or, more precisely, this art should be dated to the end of the sixteenth century. One of the evidence is that the city’s Thomas-Bayer was officially registered as a ‘clock and watch’ in 1554. Craftsman ‘, another name is Martin Dubre, one of the earliest well-known watchmakers. As for the Nasserdale region, Danielle-Jean Richard is the undisputed founder of the industry.

    These famous ancestors are worthy of the glorious title given by history. But the heroic role they play is not isolated. Their great deeds are like their father and brother, their contemporaries, their descendants, and many others we have not yet known, and have made concrete contributions to this cause. The joint efforts of many colleagues, while benefiting from the unique and favorable manufacturing environment, this kind of art can finally establish a foothold in this mountainous region with harsh climate. Everyone knows that this art-filled industry eventually becomes an integral part of the industrial manufacturing industry, because this kind of manufacturing industry may be more suitable for the collective labor model than the individual individual operation. In fact, everyone knows that a scientific invention with a clear right of attribution is usually the accidental discovery of a genius individual. A clearer expression should be that someone is in a certain field and the first to discover or publish a brand new result. Or new products like never before.
   People will find that at the historic moment when the professional term ‘movement’ is formally used, the parts that make up the ‘movement’ will no longer look the same as before, and will begin to change along with the development of the entire Swiss watch industry. The evolution of these parts will make the professional term ‘movement’ famous.

Earl Counts Gong Li’s Bright Huashang Series Shining Debut

Since its founding in 1874, Piaget has consistently maintained the top position in the jewelry watch industry with perfect and excellent quality, and expects its global spokespersons to have a similar temperament, so it has always been very careful about candidates. After a long period of incubation, Gong Li, an internationally renowned movie star, was finally selected as the global spokesperson for his brand.
 At the same time, at 2:30 pm on June 21, 2013, Beijing time, Piaget brand and Gong Li held the launch event of Couture precieuse brilliant Huashang high jewelry series. Please adjust your breath below, and I will unveil the veil of this top jewelry event for you.

 The press conference is located in Beijing Fashion Design Plaza. The decoration style outside the venue seems to be somewhat inconsistent with the surrounding surrealist artistic atmosphere. However, I realized how interesting it is for the brand to create such a contrasting visual impact.

 There were a lot of jewellery enthusiasts and media people at the event. Although the number was large, the atmosphere was really elegant. We can’t hear the loud noise, just hear many whispering but excited praises : WOW or Amaizing!

 The gap in the middle of each platform is very large, so that the masses of media and jewelry people can enjoy a sense of happiness with them for a few seconds.

 The sofas around the exhibition hall are in European style. The pure white leather looks very shiny, and it matches the black main color of the scene in a coordinated manner.

 Couture precieuse dazzling Huashang high jewelry collection is inspired by the exquisite details of couture clothes representing the ultimate masters’ charity, and is hand-made with superb top-level craftsmanship. This series uses black, red and white as the main colors of women’s unique aesthetics, with three major themes of ‘shine lace’ and ‘diamond weaving flower’ and ‘beautiful totem’ shine.

 Like the count or dislike the count, I think it is difficult for anyone to resist its luxurious beauty. The square dial is designed as a diamond, and the white dial looks very simple and bright.

This image-shaped necklace really looks like someone put a flower on your slender neck, oh no! It is more shining flowers blooming in your neck. The necklace fits well with the theme of ‘Diamond Weaving’.

 Earrings are definitely a master of fashion. So how to choose the right earrings? In fact, the method is very simple. The style hanging down on the picture is more suitable for girls who need to lengthen their facial lines. In contrast, round earrings are more suitable for people who need to become full.

 This is the ‘beautiful totem’ theme necklace from the bright Huashang series. Pearl necklaces are widely used by many brands, but Piaget’s creative idea is to put bright and precious stones on the necklace for decoration. While cleverly conceived, there is no lack of elegant texture.

 Friends who are familiar with our watch home will certainly be familiar with this watch. That’s right, this watch is the most recent exhibit in the Geneva Watch Fair. The dark blue dial is mysterious and profound. This watch is derived from the theme of ‘Diamond Weaving Flowers’. No effort was spared on the material to create such a watch.

 The rings from the same series are very characteristic. The white gold that has been polished into a five-pointed star shape is inlaid with sapphire, and the manufacturing process is amazing to viewers.

 This is a watch from the theme of ‘shine lace’. The strap is very characteristic. It seems to be worn on the hand as if it brings several bracelets at the same time to emphasize the sense of layering. I don’t know if this designer is a master who creates illusions. Watch style.

The heart part of the pink gem is striking.

 Sorry, I didn’t see the designer in this jewellery exhibition. Otherwise, I really want to ask where the creative inspiration and themes of this watch come from. Friends, do you know?

 See? This is a necklace that imitates a ribbon. How can you cleverly shape the flexibility of the ribbon onto precious metals? The Earl did not solve this puzzle, but showed it directly to us and surprised us.

 The press conference hall was very spacious and lit the elegant and mysterious atmosphere with small chandeliers and candles. The dining table is well-organized and looks a bit extravagant.

 The earl carefully prepared desserts for the guests, delicious and delicate.
 After the host came on stage, the atmosphere calmed down. He not only introduced the cultural history and connotation of Piaget brand, but also invited Mr. Mai Zhenjie, CEO of the brand international, to take the stage to speak.

 As soon as the CEO came up, he saluted the guests in Chinese ‘Hello’. He said that during his time living in Beijing, he felt that he had become a Chinese. He liked Beijing and hoped that the Earl would have a better development in China in the future. The release of the new collection made him very happy, and I hope to share more Piaget jewelry with a history of 150 years.

 After Mr. Mai Zhenjie’s speech was over, in a piece of melodious music, the jewellery models and models traveled throughout the venue so that everyone could better appreciate the beauty of Piaget’s jewelry. Different from the way displayed in the exhibition hall, the models wear high-end jewelry catwalks according to their temperament characteristics, making Piaget jewelry more vivid and charming.

 This ‘diamond weaving flower’ comes from the same inspirational theme as the advertising model worn by Gong Li. With the sweetness and elegance of the fan, the designer outlined a design drawing with diamonds, and implemented it into a magnificent masterpiece now displayed in your eyes.

 Piaget has never spared no effort in making the world’s finest jewelry and watches for the world. Aesthetically, they are more willing to combine with the artistic level to make compatible, practical and exquisite watches. The press conference specially invited dancers to present a dance to better convey the artistic concept contained in Piaget jewelry.

Salute at the end of the model show.

 After the last session, our big man Gong Li appeared. The dark blue mermaid evening dress was wrapped in Gong Li’s exquisite curves. It is not easy to concentrate mature, grandeur, luxury, and elegance on one person, but Gong Li does a good job.

 Gong Li and the host communicated with each other in an air-tight manner, which made the atmosphere of the venue very relaxed and harmonious. Gong Li has changed from the former queen of domestic literature and art to the queen of international blockbusters. The storms and persistence along the way have always believed that it is the same as the count, and the common ground of both parties should be always self-confidence and strong aura.

 Gong Li drank champagne to celebrate the happy cooperation with Mr. Mai Zhenjie, the CEO of Earl International, Mr. Gu Teng, the president of the Asia-Pacific region, and Murong Tao, the chief executive of China. Afterwards, Mr. Mai Zhenjie said that he personally liked Gong Li very much. She is very similar to the position or temperament of Piaget. Piaget chose Gong Li to be very honored. I look forward to more surprises in the future cooperation.

 Interview after the conference.

 Summary: There are many ways to feast on your eyes, I hope that the news of the Watch House can make you gain. Whether it’s the people, culture or jewelry in the middle, as long as you have a high understanding and pursuit of elegant life, choosing the earl will surely make you transcend the elegance of the world and lift the aesthetics to a higher level.

Athens Watch Opens New Boutique In Nigeria’s Capital

Recently, Swiss luxury watchmaker Athens Watch, a leader in watchmaking innovation and invention, has opened a new single-brand boutique in the Nigerian capital Abuja.
   On December 10, the boutique officially opened to welcome guests. More than 300 guests, including Dr. Daniel Cavegn, Deputy Head of the Embassy of the Swiss Embassy in Nigeria, attended the opening ceremony. Patrik Hoffmann, CEO of Athens Watch, and Deremi Ajidahun, the local representative of the brand, warmly welcomed the guests.
   Patrik Hoffmann said: ‘It is a great honor to open the first single-brand boutique in Africa in Abuja. Athens Watch has many followers and enthusiasts in Nigeria, so we decided to bring the brand experience to local watch connoisseurs. The new boutique will be displayed The unique creation of exclusive timepieces for sale in Athens. ‘
   The boutique is located on Gana Street where luxury shops and hotels are spread, covering an area of ​​50 square meters. It is decorated with wooden furniture and watches are listed in portholes to pay tribute to the watchmaking nautical tradition. This is also the third boutique opened by Athens Watch this year after the Miami Design District and Dubai Mall.

New Movement Upgrade Real Rolex Oyster Perpetual Log Type 36

At the Baselworld Watch & Clock Fair this year, Rolex launched the new Oyster Perpetual Date 36, available in eternal rose gold steel (a combination of oyster steel and 18ct eternal rose gold) and gold (Combination of Oystersteel and 18ct yellow gold), each style has a variety of dials to choose from. The new Date 36, with a 36 mm case diameter, has been redesigned with a 3235 mechanical movement.

   The new Oyster Perpetual Date 36 is available in different styles. Timeless rose gold steel with white dial, triangular pitted bezel and 18ct pink gold Roman numerals; gold steel with champagne dial, diamond-set hour markers and triangular pitted bezel; gold steel with white mother-of-pearl dial and setting Drill the outer ring.

   The oyster-style case of the Date 36 guarantees water resistance to 100 meters (330 feet), a model of solidity and elegance. The middle case is cast from a single piece of solid oystersteel. Rolex watchmakers use the brand’s exclusive tools to tighten the fine pitted bottom cover to seal the case, so only Rolex watchmakers can access the movement.

   The winding crown is equipped with a double-lock double waterproof system and is firmly screwed to the case.

   Eternity rose gold steel, 18-ct eternity rose gold with triangular pitted outer ring, crown and bracelet middle links, and oyster steel on the case and bracelet sides.

   The mirror is made of sapphire and is not easy to scratch. Convex lens at 3 o’clock for easy calendar reading.

   Calibre 3235 This movement is equipped with Rolex’s new patented Chronergy escapement. The new escapement is made of nickel-phosphorus, which is not only efficient and reliable, but also immune to magnetic interference. The balance with hairspring is the heart of the watch and is equipped with an optimized blue Parachrom hairspring. This hairspring is made of a unique alloy cast by Rolex. It is not affected by magnetic fields and its shock resistance is ten times higher than that of traditional hairsprings. The last Rolex ring ensures that the hairspring can still maintain regularity at any position. The 3235 movement is equipped with an automatic perpetual winding component, which is wound by a perpetual rotor. The new structure of the barrel and the excellent efficiency of the escapement increase the power reserve of the 3235 movement to about 70 hours.
For more information about the latest Baselworld watch fair 2018, please pay attention to the watch house live feature: